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Development With A Design Focus

WildCard puts an emphasis on “Creativity” when applying technology to both common business problems and innovative ideas alike. Coming up with a creative solution which always manages to stand out from the crowd of engineering-oriented solutions.

What We Do

WildCard is a technology provider founded by geeks for geeks and combines technology, creativity, business savvy, and hard core programming in a manner that is just plain awesome.

We Are Startup Friendly!

We exclusively work with startups and we are deeply entrenched in NYC startup scene. Our founders are mentors and resident CTOs in leading NY Tech Accelerator & Incubator programs and helped build more than 200 startups over the years.

We are entrepreneurs

We're not just code jockeys looking forward to deliver the minimum requirements and move on to the next gig. Having built numerous startups ourselves, we know it takes more than quality code to build a successful product.

We Deliver, Period

With hundreds of projects spanning over 20 years, we have an excellent track record of delivering beautifully crafted, pixel perfect products.


What We Excel At

We admit it, we are jack of all trades, master of some ;)

Mobile Development

Remember GPRS? You probably don't, but we do! We've been developing mobile applications even before smartphones. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, whatever platform you have in mind, we got you covered.

UI / UX design

Doesn't matter how great an idea you have, if you have your UX wrong, your startup will fail, if it doesn't look great, your startup will fail.In fact, bad UI/UX is one of the leading reasons for failed products. Checkout our design studio for an in-depth tour of our design process.

Web development

Beautiful designs & Pixel Perfect implementation. We are all perfectionists, and we know the amount of blood sweat and tears that goes into a product. And every product deserves a website that looks perfect on every device and every browser.

Video Production

With a fully equiped video crew and top notch videographers and 3D artists on board, from a 30 second explainer to a full blown product video, we got you covered there as well. Checkout AMUSE for our latest production.

IOT/Connected Devices

Yes! We love hardware projects! Does your product require a connected device? Let's talk. We can walk you through proof of concept & prototyping, all the way to end products ready for mass production. Click here for a case study of our latest hardware project.

Back-End Development

Complicated API's? Integration with other systems? Payment gateways? Telephony applications? A slackbot that integrates with UBER to pickup your Seamless order and sell it through EBay? No problem!